Contest My Blog Awesomelicious
29 December 2011 @ 04:57 | 25 notes

Scroll down for the latest entry kgois :-)
This is my second contest. Let's join! You'll never regret :)

CLOSE DATE : December 31th 2011. Any changes will be update soon.
 Only for blogger and Malaysian Citizen. 
 Follow me and her for the updates WAJIB
 Like Tyra's Page and Tasya's Page
 Only open for boys and girls. Pondan, pengkid sila berambusss
 Make an entry about this contest " Contest My Blog Awesomelicious " Include the banner. Link the banner through Me or Her WAJIB 
 Put your entry's link on my or her comment box. Not your blog's link 
 Tag your friends at least two person or more and make sure they know it WAJIB
 Make an special entry for this BLOG *It's up to you but a must follow her. 
✿ You must like this, this, this, this, this, this adn this sponsorers page WAJIB 
Now the prize.... no I mean the great prize [ Any changes of the prize will be updated soon ]

1. 1x inner neck satin Malaysian Style. Color have been set by Koleksibhoolan
2. Shawl satin custom made , shawl rose , shawl inner neck by Raflessia
3. Sponsor by JCS 

4. Sponsor by Kitty Shawls
5. 1x sponsor by Alyadi's collection
6. 1x Bangle by Fea Beads
7. Doodles from Me
8. Header by us
9. Edit full blog (template ) and denim by us 
10. Greeting text by us 
11. Sponsor edit blog include Header
12. Freebies cursors special name by us
13. 1x Header Animation by Izyan Nazirah
14. 4x Review blog by us
15. 3x header and 2x banner by MissKara
16. 1x classic template by Najla
17. 1x classic template by Amalina

A little note : Who want to be our sponsorer, just PM Tasya on her facebook :) And no vote for this contest, chill yah.