1 June 2012 @ 06:47 | 0 notes

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh.

So I just found this video about @#$%^$ 10 minutes ago kot? Lol I don't even remember. I just found this video just now in Ainaa's blog. Pretty interesting. Before watch this video, you better answer these question. Well you must ask yourself first.

1. What is Aurat?
2. Why do you wear the Hijjab?
3. When did you start wearing the Hijjab?
4. How do you feel adorning it?
5. How does society perceive you?
6. What are the benefits of wearing the Hijjab?
7. Which Quranic verse states that wearing the Hijjab is mandatory?

I bet korang boleh jawab all questions because myself pun tak tahu jawab. So how? Actually Im not a good muslimah but I always try my best. Nah you know, we keep fold our lengan baju. Cakap panas la bahang la and whatever. I admit it. I know, I shouldn't do this. Eh so malas nak bebel pepanjang, better you guys watch it. Learn from it, bukan tengok je. Istiqamah. InsyaAllah. Allah saw your effort. You also can share this, go to the youtube link, share it, embed the video, copy the code and paste it into the edit html box! Goodluck. Assalamualaikum. x

Lots of love,